White Deer Twins on the Riverwalk

White Deer Twins on the Riverwalk
These rare white deer twins were born this summer and have found a safe home at Dan Daniel Park and on the Riverwalk
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My name is David Hoffman. I teach English and journalism at Averett University, but I have two side interests - writing and photography. I also enjoy walking daily with my English setter, Sadie, and my wife, Elizabeth, on the Danville, Virginia, Riverwalk. As a novice to studying nature, I am fascinated by the slightest facets of the great outdoors, but most of my pictures are of birds - I don't know a lot about them, but I am learning more and enjoying taking pictures of them daily. I also take pictures of plants, other animals, and insects. All pictures posted for each day were taken on the day of my blog entry.

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Thursday, July 15, 2010


(JULY 15, 2010) WHITE. The beautiful color of Tiffany's wedding gown. WHITE. The color of geese on the river. WHITE. The color of snow in the winter.

I heard that, actually, pure white is the absence of color. No other colors can be combined to form white. I don't know if that is true or not (probably is), but I saw several different shades of white this morning on the Riverwalk. But, are there actually "shades" of white? I don't know, but I saw what I thought were different shades of this absence of color.

Each day when I go to the Riverwalk, I see something I haven't seen before. This morning was very special in that I saw what appeared to be a white sparrow. It was hanging out with a couple of other sparrows and was, I assume, a sparrow. I thought, at first, that it was an albino sparrow, but when I saw the pictures, it didn't have pink eyes, which, I think is a common trait of albinos. Perhaps with was a hybrid - kind of the Prius of the bird world. I have inquiries out to those who know more than I do so that I hope I will soon know what this bird is. It was white almost a pure white.

Early on our walk I saw some very small mushrooms growing in the grass. There were not true white, but a grayish white with some areas whiter than others. The pattern of the mushroom, with its ridges, is intriguing.

Later I saw a group of turtles sunning themselves on a large tree in the middle of the river. What caught my eye there was not the white shining turtle in the morning sun, but the yellow turtle. I'm not sure if the turtle was yellow because of the sun shining on it a certain way, if the turtle was yellow because of some natural coloration in its shell, or if the turtle just forgot to brush this morning. The white turtle had a grayish white and was eye-catching, but the yellow turtle was truly unique.

Finally, I see the white and purple flowers everyday while walking on the Riverwalk. However, it was this morning that I observed the purple and white merging to form a purplish white, another shade (or tone?) of white.

And, finally, I saw a white goose feather in the sand. The geese look show shiny white along the river, but this feather had been soiled with dirt. Though it retained its form as a feather, it had lost what seemed to be the pure white of the geese.

A white sparrow, groovie mushrooms, a yellow turtle, and a lone feather in the sand. All were white, but each had what seemed to be its own shade (or tone?).

It was another good morning on the Riverwalk.

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