White Deer Twins on the Riverwalk

White Deer Twins on the Riverwalk
These rare white deer twins were born this summer and have found a safe home at Dan Daniel Park and on the Riverwalk
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My name is David Hoffman. I teach English and journalism at Averett University, but I have two side interests - writing and photography. I also enjoy walking daily with my English setter, Sadie, and my wife, Elizabeth, on the Danville, Virginia, Riverwalk. As a novice to studying nature, I am fascinated by the slightest facets of the great outdoors, but most of my pictures are of birds - I don't know a lot about them, but I am learning more and enjoying taking pictures of them daily. I also take pictures of plants, other animals, and insects. All pictures posted for each day were taken on the day of my blog entry.

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Sunday, March 28, 2010


(MARCH 28, 2010) This morning I was late getting to the Riverwalk since I had to drive to Chapel Hill, and by the time we got there, the sky was clouding up with rain threatening. About half way to our turnaround spot (1.5 miles from Dan Daniel Park) we started getting mist - then heavy mist - then a rain shower - then RAIN.

We had seen Lucky, the little Pekingese, Sadie enjoys before the rain started. My colleague, Richard, ran past us, and other than that, we only saw one more walker. There were, however, two fishermen on the banks trying to catch lunch. Do fish bite better in the rain or not? My dad was a fisherman - he told me - but I can't remember. Anyway, they didn't seem to be catching anything this rainy morning.

I did spot some new Spring growth among the plants. Some purple and white flowers were seen near the bridge going to the train station, and the ground, in places, was covered with the tiny little blue flowers. Buds were starting to show on trees and some trees had flowered.

There were bluebirds, cardinals, robins, and mockingbirds in the trees; the ducks, some cormorants, and geese, both foreign (Canada) and domestic (white and brown and grey), were on the land and in the river, and a beautiful osprey flew over as it was gathering material for the nest that is being built on top of a an electrical tower at the Brantley Plant across the river.

Although Spring is here, it was a cold, rainy morning on the Riverwalk, but still a great day.

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