White Deer Twins on the Riverwalk

White Deer Twins on the Riverwalk
These rare white deer twins were born this summer and have found a safe home at Dan Daniel Park and on the Riverwalk
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My name is David Hoffman. I teach English and journalism at Averett University, but I have two side interests - writing and photography. I also enjoy walking daily with my English setter, Sadie, and my wife, Elizabeth, on the Danville, Virginia, Riverwalk. As a novice to studying nature, I am fascinated by the slightest facets of the great outdoors, but most of my pictures are of birds - I don't know a lot about them, but I am learning more and enjoying taking pictures of them daily. I also take pictures of plants, other animals, and insects. All pictures posted for each day were taken on the day of my blog entry.

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Saturday, March 13, 2010

Swallows Have Returned

(MARCH 13, 2010) I saw my first swallow of the Spring on the Riverwalk this morning. One flew over head, and I'm sure others will follow.

The Riverwalk was rather quiet this morning, though the geese were edgy as they approach their mating season, and a couple of ladies were feeding bread to the ducks and geese resulting in a number of good photos of the geese flying under a bridge and landing on the banks where the free food was being dispersed. I watched two geese near the bridge putting out the call for free food. They raised their heads, honking, and later flew to the tasty morsels that wre being handed out. There was chaos as the ducks and geese "winged" their ways forward to get the bread.

Sadie met three dogs that were friendly. She enjoyed the two mixed ladies Mia and Sasha and the pug, Bowser.

It was a good day on the Riverwalk.

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